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Caracas rided a loaded Nightrain with Slash!!!

There's always a sense of anticipation when    a big concert that you've been looking forward to arrives, especially if youre about to see is one of your idols. So i knew that my encounter with Slash was going to be a mind blowing experience. Almost 2 decades after his first memorable visit to the country with Guns n’ Roses, Slash one of the greatest and coolest guitar players in Rock & Roll history, landed in Venezuela for a second time.

Now with his own band, Slash was ready to reconect with his old fans and a new generation of fans thirsty and anxious, to see and hear the legendary and iconic guitarrist of the top hat for one exclusive show. So for March 31st The Amphitheatre of Sambil in Caracas city was the chosen venue to recieve Slash and his band, isnt a huge place but has an amazing acoustic, ideal for music and perfect for Slash’s up-close and personal performace.

Welcome to the Paradise Ciy.
At 9pm after some preparations the stage was set. And as the lights went down the noise level started rising, so as peoples excitement. Everything was so surreal, there i was re-living the same feelings that I got when I saw Axl Rose a year ago. Now I was waiting to see Slash and my dream was about to be complete. My heart was beating so fast, my hands got cold and before we knew the top hat could be seen through the darkeness.
Good evening Caracas…. are you ready to Rock and fucking Roll??!!! Those were the words that unleashed the pandemonium, and all of the sudden Slash’s guitar sound  clear as crystal kicked off the show with the song Ghost….. There he was, Slash!!! wearing his classic top hat that we all have seen in pictures and videos for ages,  a sexy see through shirt, a black leather pant, and many bracelets and rings just like in the old days, looking  as good as he did 20 years ago..
At the same time the band took the stage, Myles Kennedy vocals, Bobby Schneck rhythm guitar, Brent Fitz drums,and Tod Kerns on the bass. Ghost was a great opener, the energy of the band was pure fire from second one it was contagious,and the sound was powerful. They all looked so comfortable and happy, at the time of Slash’s solo people went crazy it was great!!
Mean Bone was next, Sucker Train Blues and  Been There Lately, giving us pure  hard rock from Slash’s work with Velvet Revolver and Snakepit. “Hola Caracas” were the first words of the very charismatic Myles Kennedy, hes adorable, the guy stole my heart from the moment i saw him. The man has a great voice and really knows how to connect with the audience.
Now it was finally the time to ride the Nightrain. Slash's guitar kicked into one of Guns N' Roses best songs, and the place got on fire! It was one of the best moments of the whole show, Slash got pretty pumped jumping all around you can tell how much he loves to play that song, it has his signature all over it. We sang very out loud along with Myles, he got pretty excited with our feedback, it was wonderful, the adrenaline rush was insane!!
Ok, if that wasnt enough madness, the next song turned things on even more. A sexy familiar bass line sent shivers through my whole body, yeah it was Rocket Queen…. So if at the GNR show i was too in shock to enjoy the song, this time i was going to let myself go and enjoy it the way it must be. Oh my God that was hot, Myles vocals were impecable and at the last part he sounded so sweet. Every single person in the crow was singing,even the bassit Todd  was so into it the guy rocks!! Slash’s extended solo and hip moves were sooo naughty, all the Rocket Queens know what im talking about uhummm.
Now it was the turn of Civil War, it was the most emotional moment of the evening, a lot of people shed a few tears, we all got very overwhelm especially for the meaning of the lyrics.. It brought so many memories through my head like when i was a kid,and i first started listening to Guns, it reminded me a lot of Axl i couldnt help to pictured him in my mind running all over  the stage…..

An excellent "Back From Cali" was Myles moment to shine and show off his vocal range, followed by the beautiful Starlight. On Nothing To Say Myles picked a guitar, and played along Slash and looked like he was really enjoying himself interacting with the audience which was great. Dr Albi was next, Todd Kerns took the mic for this one, and Slash did the background vocals.

The instrumental song “Watch This” from Slash’solo album  was next, and Slash took the mic to say a few words to the audience “Hola Venezuela, are you having a good time? With Myles Kennedy on the guitar this performance rocked, and the tightness of the band was astounding, while Slash’ guitar solo owned the stage. Then Rise Today from Myles work with Alter bridge was played, quickly followed by an old GNR classic “My Michelle” that made everybody jump in the audience.
Now it was time to whistle…. And Patience melted people hearts, like Myles said “ that was beautiful”, it was a sweet moment, arms were in air waving, really amazing. So then it came one of the solo’s we had been waiting the whole night, “The Godfather Theme”.. Yeah Slash classic solo took us back in time, I thought hey, am I inside of the Tokyo 92 dvd!! Oh no, im really looking at Slash doing this freaking solo, wow it was mind blowing I couldnt close my mouth, the man showed us why hes a guitar God! His fingers gentle caress the strings of his guitar with so much emotion, and passion  making a sound that gives you goosebumps all over your body!!!
So while we were still shocked by the Godfather Theme, the highlight of the night was just around the corner, and without any warning the first crods of Sweet Child O’ Mine began. The crowd went nuts, singing every single word.  Slash’s famous solo was impecable,  it sounded just like in the Appetite album, perfect and clean, no one can play that solo like this man, it has his essence. His guitar roared through his Marshall amps, it was an amazing moment to hear and see this live.

Now we were more hungry and wanted more, and we got Slither from Velvet Revolver’s first album, it was explosive!! Myles took the mic and said a few words,  Caracas you had a good time with us tonight?? and thanked to the opening band and Slash intruduced the band. He was so funny making little jokes, ohh God gotta love his chemistry with Myles those 2 are great together.

By this time they had been on the stage for almost 2 hours, and the Encore started with By The Sword with a shirtless Slash showing off his abs,among other things oh my….... A song that he said is about sticking to your fucking Guns and Rock and Roll. The atmosphere was great people were in complete ecstasy, Slash was on fire hes a walking turn on. He was on his element playing so confident, we all were  feeling very tipsy looking at Slash moving and jumping around the stage, especially all the girls. I was lucky enough to have Slash almost the whole time so close to me during the last part the show, it was insane!!
So to keep the heat and the energy flowing at the same level, they played Mr Brownstone, another GNR classic that people loved it. Gotta say that Myles does an amazing job singing the Guns n Roses songs, hes a very versatile singer, he has his own style and he suits his voice to the songs.
The show was about to come to an end, but we still had one more song, it was time to go to the Paradise City and were ready to give all the energy that we had left to make this concert memorable for us and the band. So the first cords of Paradise were like an adrenaline shot, and had everyone singing and bouncing along. We didn’t have confetti or pyro like at the GNR show, this was a raw rock and roll show without any extra additives just like in the old days.
During the last part of the song Slash laid down on his kness just right in front of me to make the long killer solo, i was in shock I had the opportunity to take some great photos, I was in heaven floating, I couldn’t feel my body, the adrenaline really took me over complety.. What a perfect way to finish this concert, You could feel the joy and the hapiness in the audience, it was wonderful, or connection and the feeling with Slash and the band was so tight.

Before leaving the stage Myles and Slash thanked us for being a great audience and for all the love and support we showed to all the band members and they promise to come back soon. They all got together in the middle of the stage and made the traditional reverence, while our flag was covering the drums. It was a very touching moment, we said goodbye the band and to Slash hoping to see him again. The man has a big soul and plays with his heart, he feels every cord and what he does on the stage is natural on him.
Slash plays his guitar with no rush or looking pretentious, his virtuousity speaks for himself, he oozes a charm like ive never seen in other guitarrists before, hes really is one of a kind. Just like Axl Rose, Slash has a powerful aura that surround him, a big personality  that atracks people, now I know why these 2 made history together.
As we lined up to exit the venue we reflected on what had just happened  with a happy smile in our faces. The dream came true, we saw Slash “the living legend” that some of us grew up looking at with his posters in bedroom walls. I must say that seeing your idol coming out to live from one of your posters is one of the greatest feelings in the whole world. The moment when the dream comes to reality and when you realize that all the time that you spent dreaming was complete worth it.
Nathalie Haaf.

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  1. Hi.. I read your summary of the concert.. I like it very much because you describe very well many details.. I made a summary too in my blog, if you want to take a look of, this is the link...

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  2. Heyy!! Thanks for the good feedback!!:) Si, yo trate de describir hasta los mas pequeños detalles. Voy a leer tu reseña, gracias!! :D