Kiss Caracas, 2009.

We wanted the best and we got it!!
An Unforgettable KISS, set Caracas on Fire!!

The Kiss concert in Caracas, Venezuela on friday night was an experience out of this world, it was mind blowing...Words cannot express how it was like to be there at the stadium seeing, enjoying, breathing, and feeling KISS ALIVE!! During the show we had everything, since flames, explosions, fireworks,smoke, blood and even the rain decided to join us for a few minutes. The atmosphere was pure, exquisite, and raw rock and roll, we wanted the best and we got it!!

Definitely it was beyond my wildest dreams. A night that will always remain in my heart, 2 hours and half of an impeccable display of sound, an amazing talent, greatness and perfection.. Plus the charisma of one of the best frontman ever in rock history, Mr Paul Stanley, who kept during the whole show an incredible chemistry with the audience. Having Paul flying all over me has no price at all, was the most surreal moment of my life, he looked like coming out from a magazine and suddenly there he was all glamorous and stylish with his big boots in front of me.

The whole show was filled with a great vibe, heat and a fantastic energy and adrenaline,the heaven got on fire and so we all did!! And to make the night even more memorable, they played with the help of the people Forever, it was very moving.

Thank you so much KISS from coming to our country, much appreciated, hope to see you soon again. You made me feel what is like to be alive, and its awesome! I LOVE YOU! *hands down*