jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

This is how Heavy Metal Its done!

Judas Priest and Whitesnake raised in Caracas!!

How can I describe a night in which people could see two of the best Heavy Metal bands of all times together in action?! Mindblowing? Amazing? Exciting? Well, to be honest, theres not enough words and adjetives to describe how wonderful and intense this show was, and to me the 80’s lover that i’ve always been it was a satisfactory experience.

Whitesnake started the night with The Best Years, with the exquisite voice of David Coverdale looking fierce and charming and elegant as always, he might be 60 years old but the man has the same power and wild spirit that he’s best known for.

Too surreal to be true, everyone went crazy from the very first song, then again like ive said before when you get to see this Rock Icons for the first time so close to you its one of the best feelings ever. The Rock God David Coverdale was right there in front of me, moving and singing, i was standing there in awe looking at him, feeling like i was dreaming,

Give me all your love was next, and Love Aint No Stranger set the house on fire, everybody started sinigng and jumping. The fantastic energy and charisma of the guitar player Reb Beach captivated me right away, the man plays with so much passion and soul, teasing the audience (especially the girls), and enjoying himself in such a way that is contagious. He really stole my heart and my attention complety. The feedback with the audience was great, so intense people went crazy.

Then it was time for the ballad of the night Is This Love, by that time the 80’s nostalgia took place, it was a beautiful moment followed by Steal Your Heart Away"  and Forevermore from the new album. Then Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich performed and unforgettable guitar duel, which simply hypnotized me and everyone in the venue. That reminded me a lot to the movie Crossroads, when Steve Vai and Ralph Macchio make that killer guitar match. A+!!

Dummer  Brian Tichy also showed his skills giving us a fabulous drum solo, with flying sticks all over the stage!!

 Little by little, this lesson of how the real Heavy Metal its done, was getting more and more intense, every single element that i saw for years in magazines and in videos, were right there. The long hair, the black leather, the long ass guitar solos, the screams,everything was in total harmony and perfeccion that it was overwhelming.

For the encore Whitesnake saved the best for last, Here I Go Again, and my fave song from the setlist Still Of The Night were the climax of the show. Then “Soldier of Fortune” and the insanity “Burn / Stormbringer”, from the old days of Coverdale with Deep Purple closed the show leaving us with the adrenaline rushing, so tipsy and hungry for more Heavy Metal, and we were about to get it!!

So while we were still shocked trying to understand what just happened, Judas Priest was ready to take the stage and to continue this Heavy Metal lesson, like a read over the Internet this tour could be called“Heavy Metal's Essentials or Heavy Metal for Dummies” haha!! The second class was about to begin and the anticipation was growing, i thought i knew about Metal before seeing Judas Priest, but to be honest i had no idea.

"Welcome to the home of British Steel"

So, you want Metal right?, you wanna get surprised? you wanna get shocked? You want to breath and feel heavy metal? Well, so we got it!!! Judas raised and took the stage ready to blow our minds, for the next 2 hours. 
Rapid Fire and Metal Gods from the British Steel álbum opened the show, the stage was amazing, chains everywhere, fire flames, and a big  screen in the back  showing the album covers as the set changed,  Then we got a breve introducción by the master of the ceremony the Pope of Metal Lord Rob Halford owning the stage explaning what this show was about and that we were about to go through the Seven sins.

Excited?? Oh yeah, we were inside of a theater Play, where each act had something different to teach us, while Rob delighted changing characters and clothes, The man is really a God!

The band sounded powerful,  Ian Hill ( bass) Sccot Travis (drums) the new young guitar player Richie Faulkner shines by himself and gives the band a new fresh vibe, the guy is pure fire, delivering an impeccable performance connecting with the audience creating a wonderful feedback. Glen Tipton was the same, wearing his classic red leather pants, and playing amazing.

Heading Out to the Highway", "Judas Rising", "Starbreaker", "Victim of Changes" y "Never Satisfied took turned people on, some of my favorites songs of the night were Diamonds and Rust and Turbo Lover,  made me feel inside on an 80’s concert or movie, the vive was incredible, the lasers, the flames, the whole place was trembling and burning up.

Prophecy "Night Crawler  "Beyond the Realms of Death", "The Sentinel" y "Blood Red Skies, continued with the lesson, keeping the chemistry of the band with the audience at the same level, Halford also presented a cover by Fleetwodd Mac The Green Manalishi.

The Metal God, walked around the stage with so much class and confidence, and that characteristic Birtish charm, his wardrobe was so stylish and fancy, everything was simple breath taking, visually stunning!

Now it was time for a classic tune, Breaking The Law, with the whole crowd singing out loud every single word, Halford seemed so pleased and happy, our communion with Judas fullfilling the expectations. Then we recieved the Painkiller that we had been waiting for, madness is the perfect Word to describe this moment, i dont know how i survided the moshpit!!  

So the Encore was coming up, and to finish this wonderful show, the lesson turned into a Heavy Metal party with 3 more classics Electric Eye" y "Hell Bent for Leather". "You´ve Got Another Thing Coming with Rob Hallford with a whip on his hand and ridding his legendary  Motorcycle. Priceless moment, especially after Rob covered hmself with a hug venezuelan flag that he kissed 3 times looking very overwhelm, i must say it was very emotional.

Halford looked satisfied,after,gave us his communion, hes so focused while hes singing, every note comes from his soul, feeling it with so much love and passion. Now i understand why hes been called all these years the Metal God because hes the one.

Living After Midninight, closed this lesson, the atmosphere at the veneu was filled with joy and happiness,everyone got so pumped we forgot about time, sadness or any problems, we celebrated life and Heavy Metal, while lifting up our spirits and rasing our voice as one.