viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

R.I.P Jani Lane.

Another fallen Hero…
Every now and then, theres a place in time, in history, and in our lives that remains immaculate, and that everytime we think about it makes us smile because of the beautiful memories we had on that special period. To me, that wonderful time was between the late 80’s and early 90’s, when i fell in love with Rock & Roll and all the metal bands.
I covered my bedroom walls with posters and plastered my school notebooks with pictures of Rock Stars. One of those Rock Stars was Jani Lane, the lead singer of the American rock band Warrant.  Jani was a handsome man, with a beautiful voice and sex appeal that was the crush of millions of girls around the world back then. 
Today when i woke up, i saw red when i heard the news about Jani’s death, and all those amazing memories of my teenage years started flashing in my head over and over again.. Warrant’s music is part of the soundtrack of my life, the Cherry Pie album was huge and everytime is listen to it i feel happy.
Jani Lane was a frontman that had it all, great voice, charisma, looks, talent, and stage presence, plus a warm personality and very vulnerable as well. Warrant released their first album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich,in 1989 and the song Heaven became a smash hit. It was the hard rock era of Glam, make-up, spandex, big hair, power ballads, hot rock stars, hot chicks, larger than life videos, rock and roll was fun and it was everywhere. 
Cherry Pie their second album was released in sept of 1990, with a catchy and sexy  single “Cherry Pie” a song that  according to Jani, was written trying to re-create the vibe of Aerosmtih’s Love In an Elevator, became the band’s most succesful single around the world. The music was real, pure hard rock with beautiful melodies and long solos, with great lyrics that came from Jani’s heart. 
Warrant’s ballads were part and even today are part of every single power ballads copilation. And those songs will always live in our hearts. Its imposible to forget Blind Faith, Heaven, I saw Red, Sometimes She Cries and The Bitter Pill, with a killer verse in German that takes your breath away.

Warrant's glory days.

Sadly; nothing last forever, and the Grunge fever killed the glory of the Glam era, and  part of Jani’s spirit in that time.. But good music never dies, and people’s nostalgia and love of that magical years have kept Warrants music alive until this day.

Jani had many issues with alcohol over the years and with his personal life, its heartbroken to see that he lost his battle against his demons. For years he regreted writing Cherry Pie but on his personal Biography he said that he didnt regret it anymore and that he loved the song.. And so do we!!  The 90's had Losing My Religion and Smells like Teen Spirit, but we we'll always Swing to Cherry Pie!!!
As i write these words, i feel like another part of my youth has died, and i feel older.. Like Bon Jovi says “There Aint Nobody Left But Us These Days”.  Definitely the worse part of growing up, its to see your idols and the people that you love fading away  as time goes by.
Jani; i hope you found your Heaven, and that before you died you realized your talent, and what an amazing singer/songwriter you were!! Your fans are greatful for your music, we love you and you'll be truly missed.
And i promise you, that if the sun should ever fail to send its light,
“We would burn a thousand candles And make everything alright”
Nathalie Haaf. August 12, 2011.