domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

Happy Birthday Axl Rose!!

49 years ago was born in Lafayette Indiana, USA, W.Axl Rose. One of the most famous and infamous name in Rock & Roll history. A man that changed my life forever when i was only a little girl of 11 years old. A man that along Guns n Roses helped to create a musical legacy that never will fade away and will never die. Axl Rose is a man that has been an inspiration to millions of fans around the world, misunderstood so many times, but loved and beloved by those who really know him.
Axl has been with me for 19 years, and after all this time my admiration and love for him reaminds intact and feels like day one. I learned how to dream thanks to Axl, i learned how to believe in myself and how to be passionate and real, i learned not to take shit from anybody, and that it was ok to be me.

Axl Rose was the first person that inspired in so many ways, i grew up looking at him, since the first moment i saw him on tv i knew my life wasnt going to be the same anymore. Last year my dream came true when i saw Axl live, i was so close to him that i was scary, i felt his magic his beautiful aura, his unique magnetism on the stage. That day my life changed again and i realized that dreams do come true, the second i had Axl Rose in front of me was the most rewarding experience of my life.
I feel so proud of being his fan, im proud to be a Gunner, ive cried and laughed with his songs,i’ve lived incredible moments listening to Guns n Roses, but mostly im proud of him. Axl is one of those frontman that doesnt exist anymore, theres only a few left, and thank God hes still here with us.

Axl Rose is a living legend, a genius, a man with outrageous actions, incredible and unique showmaship, a man that thought us the snake dance and stole our hearts.  The man that wrote masterpieces like November Rain and Estranged, and which vision created epic videos larger than life.
Axl Rose is Axl Rose, what you see is what you get from him, controversial yes but thats why we love him. Axl had faith in GNR and wanted us his fans to believe in it as well, and to follow him on his journey, and God what an amazing journey has been.

Thank you Axl Rose for being alive, today your fanas celebrate your life. Thank you God for give us such a beautiful gift, thank you Axl for the music and all the wonderful memories through all these years and the next to come.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, God bless you and keep on shinning!!

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